So many terms are floating around concerning the different marketing styles!  What do they mean?  Let’s look at two of them: Today I want to talk to you about the difference between mass marketing and targeted marketing.

With mass marketing, you are trying to reach as many people as possible. In order to reach as many people as possible, you spread your message as wide as you can. This means that you’re going to use all the social networks that you are in. Spreading the message this wide, you will have a lot of message.  Because this marketing has a high volume (and depending on how many ads you run), it can be quite expensive. It is designed to  blanket the masses.

For some products, mass marketing is very good; for example, if you’re selling pens. A lot of people like and use pens. So a mass marketing campaign would actually be really good for that.

In contrast to mass market,  we have targeted marketing. A lot of people also call it niche marketing. Both words are interchangeable. Targeted marketing means you are trying to reach a specifically defined audience. It means your market is broken into segments. Those segments may be divided by geographical areas (restaurants in a certain area), divided by gender, age, and so on.  In order to use targeted marketing effectively, you have to drill down as far as you can. The deeper you go, the better you will reach your ideal target market.  

Once you know exactly who you are targeting, you create social media, graphics and specific messages that speak to your target audience on a very personal level. Targeted marketing means it’s not blanketed – you speak to your ideal market directly. In order to be successful in targeted marketing, you got to learn about your target market. Target marketing also is usually less volume. So, if you run ads, you will spend less money. Personally, I think target marketing has more value, but again, it always depends on the product or service you sell and then both may have an appeal.