Can you believe it? Another month has passed! Time really flies!

How is your social media marketing going? Yes, I asked and now you have to think about it.  “I could have done more” is an answer that I get a lot to that question.  “I just didn’t have the time” is the reason most people tell me when I ask why they felt that they didn’t do more. 

I am no stranger to the “I could have done more” and the “I didn’t have time” answer either.  Obviously, I would do my paid client work before I do anything else.  After all, it is how I earn my money.  But then, life happens and somehow I just didn’t have the time and didn’t do all the things I had planned to do for my marketing.  As this has happened a couple of times (who am I kidding here!), it made me think about how I could make my own social media marketing faster and easier.  I tried out different things and finally came up with a really good way on how to get my marketing done in the time pockets life gave me.  I could be waiting for my son in the car, in the line at the store, or just while the food simmered in the kitchen.  Time pockets are everywhere once you know how to look for them – and use them! In order to make my time pockets really count, I found my favorite tools.  Since I started doing my social media marketing in my time pockets, I don’t have the excuse that I just didn’t have the time.  It had the pleasant side effect that I didn’t think as often that I could have done more.  I mean, there is usually so much more that we could do. My social networks were and are still growing.  Engagement is up and I get more leads.  It is an overall win-win situation! 

Are you curious on how I did it? I can show you: 

Want to learn how to do your social media marketing in your time pockets?

In my Juggle Your Social Media On-the-go course, you will learn how you can do ALL of your social media marketing – graphic creation and scheduling – while using your free time pockets during your day. No more excuses!

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About the Author

About the Author

Wendy LugoSantiago

I help coaches, entrepreneurs and service providers to jumpstart their online visibility by providing social media marketing strategy, social media training and social media management. I am in business since 2008. You know you are making social media work for you if you are still in business after 10 years and thriving!

Aside from my continuous education in social media, my claim to fame is that all of my clients find me on social media.  They contact me.  Can you imagine what that would do for your business if prospective clients are contacting you? No cold calling involved.