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I have been asked again and again what tools I use in my own business or with my clients to help them with their online presence and marketing.  

All tools I mention I have used myself and I am convinced they will help you.  

The links to the tools are affiliate links, which means that if you click on them and you decide to buy the tool, I will get a small commission or bonus.  Because I am an affiliate, I can offer you bonuses to these tools as well, that you wouldn’t get if you just go to their website.  It is a win-win!




Create, market, and sell your own online courses

Thinkific’s powerful, all-in-one platform makes it easy to share your knowledge, grow your audience, and scale the business you already love.



You may not have heard of it yet, but I love Publer!  Publer is my social media management and scheduling tool of choice.  You can schedule recurring posts and you can schedule them in ALL of your social networks.

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The Power of Lead Generation

The Power of Lead Generation

Marketing is a funnel - most of you have heard of that. But, what does that actually mean?  And how do you make sure you have enough traffic to get a steady stream of clients? Let's shine a light on both of theses questions!   Marketing Funnel In a marketing...

Why You Need To Prep For Success

Why You Need To Prep For Success

How are you going to ensure that this year will be better than last year?  The best way to ensure that this year will be better is to set aside time regularly to plan what you want to do in your business. If it’s not something you currently do, I strongly encourage...