Marketing is a funnel – most of you have heard of that. But, what does that actually mean?  And how do you make sure you have enough traffic to get a steady stream of clients? Let’s shine a light on both of theses questions!


Marketing Funnel

In a marketing funnel, in order to have more paying clients at the bottom of the funnel, you need to have more people that are aware that your business exists on the top of the funnel.  A good definition for the top of your funnel is that it is the first stage of your potential client’s journey to buy your services or products.

Your goal for your top of the funnel marketing is to spread awareness and (ultimately) to generate leads. 

Lead generation is the process of attracting people to your business and converting them into clients. That’s our goal! Let me illustrate how this works on an example: 

Let’s say you start out with 100 new visitors to your website per day. 10 percent of them sign up for your mailing list, which comes out to 10 new subscribers each day. One of these people buys one of your products at $10.

Now let’s say that you double your traffic. With nothing else changing, you go from making $10 per day to $20.

This means that the more traffic you have, the more subscribers you get, and the more clients you have. 


Ideas To Increase Traffic

How can you get more traffic for the top of your funnel?

Here are 6 great ideas:


1. Like, Comment, Share

Make it a habit to reach out to your potential clients by liking their posts, commenting on their posts, and sharing their posts. That way, people become aware of you.  they may go and check out your website after and maybe even become a client.  That’s exactly what you want!


2. Participate/Create A Group

Groups are a great tool to get people interested in you and get them to go to your website.  Don’t try to sell in the groups, but share valuable content and try to genuinely help people.  By sharing information, sharing valuable content, and helping people, you will get a lot of awareness. Use any social media groups you are in.


3. Call To Action

In most of your social networks, you have the opportunity to add a button or a link as you call-to-action.  Use them as they can get potential clients right where you want them to go.


4. Life Streaming

All social networks offer live streaming.  Use them because most of the networks give priority to the live streams and with that, you can get more reach. In your first live stream, you may not have that many viewers, but if you do them consistently, people will tune in to your live stream and you will increase your reach. 


5. Participate In Bundles

First, let’s clarify what a bundle is:  People in your industry (or one that is compatible with your industry) may collect products and services under one topic to sell them together at a really cheap price.  Most of the time, you give your product or service for free to a bundle.  In return, your product or service is send out to the email lists of all people who are participating.  When people see your offer and like it, they will sign up for your email list as well.  It is a great way to reach out and find new potential clients!


6. Contests/Giveaways

As with the bundle, with the contest or giveaway, you will offer a free incentive for people to subscribe to your list. You will have to market your contest or giveaway heavily in your social networks to get a good reach.  Make sure that you tell everyone to share your contest and giveaway, so you can increase the awareness (and reach). 

Remember, more traffic gives you more subscribers and more subscribers give you more clients!


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About the Author

About the Author

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