LinkedIn is one of the biggest professional networks on the internet. It is fun to connect with other people in LinkedIn, but sometimes, and especially with LinkedIn as a social network, you are expected to pay in order to connect with people that are outside of your network. LinkedIn has different memberships and with any of them you can further your connections.  Here are six simple tips on how you can still connect with people without using the paid memberships of LinkedIn.

1. Alumni

The first tip on how to find new connections is if you look for the alumni of the school you attended. Look for the school in the search bar, click into the page of the school and click on alumni. I can search the alumni by title, keyword, or company the alumni work in.

2. Connections Of Your Connections

The second tip on how to find new connections is when you search for connections of your connections. Go into the search, go to All Filters and in there you will find the column to search for connections of your connections.  Type in the name of the connection you want to see and you will get all of their connections.

3. People Also View

The third tip on how to find new connections is to use the People Also View section of your connections. Not everybody will have this section active, but if it is there, you can go and check if your target audience is in there.

4. Recent Followers

The fourth tip on how to find new connections is to use your followers section.  Look how has recently followed you and see if you are interested in deepening the business relationship by asking for a connection.

5. Fresh Perspective

The next tip on how to find new connections is to use your follow a fresh perspective section in your followers section.  LinkedIn will suggest people to follow based on your searches.

6. Boolean Search Parameters

The last tip on how to find new connections is to use AND, OR, NOT, quotes and parenthesis in the search bar.  It will make your search more focused.

Watch the video to see each tip in action!

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About the Author

About the Author

Wendy LugoSantiago

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