Welcome to my new social media marketing strategy series! In this series we will talk about what a social media marketing strategy is, why you need one, it’s parts and most of all, how to do it. I will start with how to find the right goal (your objective or purpose) for your social media marketing strategy.

We all know that when we choose to write down a goal, it increases the possibility that we will work to achieve it. This will make or break your strategy, so make sure you write down your goal! In order to find the goal that is right for you, I want you to first think about your business objectives. What do you want to achieve in your business? Once you look at your business objectives, look at your goal from a marketing perspective. What exactly do you want to achieve with your marketing? Let me lead you through the process of picking a wonderful goal:

Pick an overall goal for your marketing strategy:

The first step in this process is to pick an overall goal for your marketing strategy and one for each social network you are in. Here are a couple of ideas of what goals you can choose for your marketing:

The goal I hear the most for social media marketing is to find new clients. In order to find new clients, a specific goal would be to generate leads or to grow your email list.

Another goal would be to listen to your customers through social media.  With this goal, you can manage your reputation, increase your customer retention, reduce refunds, identify products or services gaps, and identify content gaps.

A third goal for social media marketing could be social influencing. This means you want to influence other people. In this category, a great goals would be to increase engagement, increase website traffic, increase offer awareness, and to grow retargeting lists.

The last goal for your social media is social networking. Social networking means you build strategic partnerships and you find new people to follow you.

What is your ultimate goal in social media marketing? How does your social media marketing connect with your business objective? What is the specific focus of your business?

Let’s say your focus is solely on gaining new customers. How are you going to generate more leads?  An action for this goal would be do run an ad campaign.  The actions you are going to take will depend on your goal.

Write your general social media purpose statement

The next step in this process is to write one short sentence for your general social media purpose statement.  Here is an example: “I am using social media as a platform to build connections and credibility as a life coach.” This would be a good general social media purpose statement. Then once you have written a general purpose statement, look at each one of your social networks. Look at each social network individually and write a purpose statement for each one of them.

Put your goals into the smart formula

Your final step is to put your goals into the smart formula. Smart means specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. Write first your general goal as a smart goals and then the goals for each of your social networks. Let me give you an example for facebook. For facebook a smart goal would be “I want to increase my facebook page engagement by 20 percent in the next 60 days.” It’s a specific and measurable? Yes! Is it achievable? Yes, absolutely. Realistic? Yes. It is also timely because you have a timeline of just 60 days.

Now that you know how to find the right goal for your social media marketing strategy, I’m going to let you work on your social media marketing goals. Let me know if you need any help :).