Today, I want to talk to you about 3 ways on how to get fresh and new ideas for your business.
Two weeks ago the weather started cooling down and I was actually really happy about it. Why? Because as soon as it cools down, I’m able to open the windows and let in the fresh air! The fresh air going through the house is amazing. It makes everything feel so much better. As I was enjoying the fresh air, this made me think about fresh ideas for my business and how to get them. So today I want to give you three ways on how to get fresh and new ideas for your business.

1. Cross-Read

What does cross-reading mean for me? Cross-reading means that you read books about different topics in the same time frame. Obviously you are not going to read the books at the same time but in the same timeframe. Let me give you an example: I like to read historical fiction, biographies, anything about traveling, and all kinds of social media marketing books. It can happen that I read a book about traveling in Spain in the same timeframe as I read a biography maybe from one of the presidents and also read about LinkedIn. I know, it’s a very interesting mix! What happens when you cross-read like that and have different books going? Sometimes you see connections or sometimes things fall in place and you think, “Wow, you know, I never thought about it this way.” Voila, a great way to get fresh ideas!

2. Change Of Location

My second way of getting fresh new ideas is actually a change of location. Everybody is different in which location inspires them. For me, it has always been trees and the outside. If I have the time, I go for a hike into the forest. But if I don’t have the time, even a walk in the neighborhood may do it for me. I always take my phone with me because when I start getting fresh ideas, they just flow and I need something to write them down or record them so I don’t forget them. Other people just like to go to Starbuck or to co-working spaces or maybe go shopping. It doesn’t matter which change of location, but a change of location usually can help you with getting fresh new ideas.

3. Learn Something New

Last, but not least, is that you learn something new. For example, I like to be creative. At first I tried acrylic art and right now I am dabbling in watercolors. Just learning how the new medium works makes me think about social media marketing. It gives me a new idea and I can go ahead and put that into place. You can learn a business related skill, like HTML coding, or how to do your own website. The skill doesn’t have to be business-related, but just the act of learning something new makes you re-consider things in a new light.

Those are the three ways to get fresh new ideas. The first one was cross-reading, the second one was a change of location, and the third one was learning a new skill. Try them out and see if you get some fresh, new ideas.

Wishing you all the best,


About the Author

About the Author

Wendy LugoSantiago

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