How To De-stress Your Business

Wouldn’t it be great if you could prepare your business for busy times? Instead of having the busiest time of the year, you could have the most wonderful time! You can do that, when you put these 4 solutions in place: 1) Recognize what stresses you and change it....

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How To Find The Right Goal For Your Marketing Strategy

Welcome to my new social media marketing strategy series! In this series we will talk about what a social media marketing strategy is, why you need one, it's parts and most of all, how to do it. I will start with how to find the right goal (your objective...

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How To Be Consistent With Your Social Media Postings

One of the most important principles in social media marketing is consistency.  You have to post consistently good content to be successful.  Yes, the content has to be good as well, but today I want to focus on consistency.  I find that clients who are...

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